THIS IS WHAT I DO. My studio practice encompasses work with both calligraphy and pictures. I use variety of materials and tools, both digital and traditional. Take a closer look. Creative and reliable… I do good work.

Illustration of countryside with calligraphy pinwheel of the repeated word"Things"
Still frame with illustration and calligraphy. From the animated video: Things Found in the Hedge
Colored pencil drawing of a heron drawn on wood veneer

I create drawings for publication and for framed display; with both traditional and digital tools…

Still from the animated poem, Write Out: Haiku #2

I write words. With 40 years of calligraphy and letter art experience, my work is diverse. It includes award certificates, both traditional and abstract calligraphy pieces and animated poetry films. Contact me if you have a project that needs to be unique and hand-lettered