THIS IS WHAT I DO. My studio practice encompasses work with both calligraphy and pictures. I use a variety of materials and tools, both digital and traditional.
Take a closer look. Creative and reliable… I do good work.

Illustration of countryside with calligraphy pinwheel of the repeated word"Things"
Still frame with illustration and calligraphy. From the animated poetry film: Things Found in the Hedge
Colored pencil drawing of a heron drawn on wood veneer

I create drawings for publication and for framed display; with both traditional and digital tools…

Still from the animated poem, Write Out: Haiku #2

I write words. With 40 years of calligraphy and letter art experience, my work is diverse. It includes

  • Certificates
  • Both traditional & abstract calligraphic texts
  • Logo design & titles
  • Animated poetry video
  • Unique hand-lettered presentations
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Studio: 517-332-6733

210 Abbot Road #40
East Lansing, Michigan 48823