Random Thoughts

Look what I did…

(including an animated extravaganza of color! calligraphy! & poetry!)

Calligraphic words
Still from animation: “Working With Light” (not the extravaganza… keep reading)

Look what I did!” A teaching colleague and I used to name online discussion folders this when we wanted students to share their artwork. There was no grade for these folders – just showing their new creative work and sharing observations.

So. here is me sharing what is happening in my studio. A lot is going on here but, for today, I am calling my new website officially launched (this is one I can finally update myself – a very good thing). Think of this page of the site as a place where I might randomly tell you about what I am doing in the studio; a place to offer information, instruction, or otherwise share what I find interesting in the world.

What’s Old & What’s New

A lot is the same here. I still welcome freelance Illustration and calligraphy work. There are a few things that I never thought of that I now do… and a few things I might no longer take on but I am still drawing and creating calligraphic art. Contact me if you want to talk about a project.

Some things have changed. I retired from teaching at Lansing Community College just as the Covid pandemic descended upon us. Studio projects were canceled; priorities shifted…. A year and a half later, clients are rethinking what they do and how they do it, and so am I. Retiring from the college classroom is giving me more time in the studio and might allow metime to teach calligraphy workshops and classes again (If this is something you are interested in, let me know).

I am excited about recent work that I can share on this new site. This art does not hang on a wall or stay still on a page. It moves on a screen as animated calligraphic words and drawings (here comes the promised extravaganza…).

An animated haiku (the animated treat)

This new direction is primarily anchored in the genre of “poetry film” or “video poetry”. I will likely write more here about specific projects but you can see some of them on Vimeo. This exploration was a huge stretch for me but is some of the most fun I have had in the studio and some of the hardest mental work I have done in a long time.

So there you go. Here I am. Look what I did. Enjoy!