What I Do


Every picture tells a story. Whether it is making a character real or identifying a topic in a magazine or the tone of an album, Visual stories are at the core of my illustration.


I bring the same passion for story to my “fine art”; attentive and precise pencil drawings.


I am a calligrapher with 40 years of experience; from company logos and poetry to adding a name to an award certificate.


Not your father’s Saturday morning cartoon… Making words move on a screen is a logical extension of my experimental calligraphy.


I have illustrated a number of books, including one of my own.


I teach workshops. Contact me with your questions. I am flexible.

Who is this Kathryn Darnell?

Less important than what I do… but here it is in a nutshell. I also answer to Kate or K.L.Darnell. A native of Michigan and a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Art, I have maintained a freelance studio art practice in East Lansing, Michigan for 40 years. I spent most of those years also teaching art; both independently and as an adjunct professor in the art program at Lansing Community College.