On a whim, I started playing around with setting some calligraphy into motion and discovered a fascinating new dimension… This work continues to be experimental and fits nicely within the evolving genre of “poetry film” or “video-poetry”.

Most of this work lives on my Vimeo page but here are a few.

WRITE OUT is a series of five Haiku in four animations. They concern the vocation of being a scribe (or calligrapher) and the relationship one has with words. This is #1. The music by Doug Berch is beautiful.

THINGS I FOUND IN THE HEDGE is a poetry film written by Lucy English and is part of her Book of Hours project. It is worth looking at this compilation of 48 poetry/film collaborations.

MOTTO: A POEM BY BERTOLT BRECHT was finished several years before it came to new meaning in 2020. Its is a darkly optimistic poem. The music by Heartland Klezmorim

COLOR: ANOTHER HAIKU celebrates the concept, sensation and joy of color. It is about the quality of life and light that does not take up space but, nevertheless, defines our experience. Color. I love it.

Please visit my Vimeo page to see more.