On a whim, I started playing around with setting some calligraphy into motion and discovered fascinating new dimension… This work continues to be experimental, to a degree, but it seems to fit with the evolving genre of poetry film.

Most of this work lives on my Vimeo page but here are a few.

WRITE OUT is a series of five Haiku in four animations. They concern the vocation of being a scribe (or calligrapher) and the relationship one has with words. This is #1. The music by Doug Berch is beautiful.

THINGS I FOUND IN THE HEDGE is a poetry film written by Lucy English and is part of her Book of Hours project. It is worth looking at this compilation of 48 poetry/film collaborations.

MOTTO: A POEM BY BERTOLT BRECHT was finished several years ago, it came to have new meaning in 2020. Its is a darkly optimistic poem. The Music by Heartland Klezmorim

Please visit my Vimeo page to see more.