Word Patterns

I did not need a new thing to do but…. Playing with visual patterns and playing with words came together last year when I discovered I could have them printed on fabric. Whether it is geometric repetitions or organic layers of freely written words, this has been so much fun! The practice was and continues… Continue reading Word Patterns

Random Thoughts

Look what I did… (including an animated extravaganza of color! calligraphy! & poetry!) “Look what I did!” A teaching colleague and I used to name online discussion folders this when we wanted students to share their artwork. There was no grade for these folders – just showing their new creative work and sharing observations. So.… Continue reading Random Thoughts

Moving On…

After 41 years freelancing in the same creative space, I am moving on. This is a two-fold shift for me. RETIRING I am retiring from most of the freelance work I have done for over 4 decades. I have new directions to explore and now is the time. Animated calligraphy and drawings (both still and… Continue reading Moving On…

Playing Piano with Gertrude Stein

Disclaimer: although I had one year of piano lessons over a half-century ago, I do not and cannot actually play the piano. As a calligrapher playing with words, I have often drawn on Gertrude Stein’s collection, Tender Buttons for material in my calligraphic work. Perhaps it is because I feel its unconventional use of language… Continue reading Playing Piano with Gertrude Stein