As an Illustrator I have provided pictures for a good many books, including my own.


MARIGOLD is a celebration of the seasons and the cycle of life. It is meant to be read out loud (although it began life as a wordless picture book). Marigold is available the Book Baby Bookshop.

I have also created several learning guides for parents and teachers to use with their children.

Who is Marigold? is a discussion guide for the story and pictures. A teacher’s companion is also here.

Life Cycles visits the old chicken or egg question but with seeds & plants.

What do plants need to grow? is a brief introduction to basic plant science.

A Marigold Needs to Grow! is an activity sheet for young children with a companion teaching guide. It addresses the needs of plants as well as what is important to a story.

Other Books

FIBBLESTAX by Devin Scillian was my first children’s book project. A story about words! how can a calligrapher/illustrator resist? It is published by Sleeping Bear Press.

THE MICHIGAN READER by Kathy-Jo Wargin is modeled after the old fashioned readers from the turn of the last century. It is a collection of poetry, stories, biographies, fun and pictures; all connected to the “mitten state”. It seems to be a favorite for “up north” reading.

THE AMERICAN READER was the second in the reader series, which eventually included books dedicated to 5 of our states. Find these books at your local book store or at Sleeping Bear Press