As an Illustrator I have provided pictures for scientific texts, poetry books, books about golf and books about quilts. Some of the most fun work I do is creating pictures for stories, including my own….


MARIGOLD is a celebration of the seasons and the cycle of life. It is meant to be read out loud (although it began life as a wordless picture book). Marigold is available from the Book Baby Bookshop.

I have also created several learning guides for parents and teachers to use with their children.

Who is Marigold? is a discussion guide for the story and pictures. A teacher’s companion is also here.

Life Cycles visits the old chicken or egg question but with seeds & plants.

What do plants need to grow? is a brief introduction to basic plant science.

A Marigold Needs to Grow! is an activity sheet for young children with a teaching guide. It addresses the needs of plants as well as what is important to a story.

The Marigold Project follows a whole year of seasons with activities that generally follow the growing cycle in the book. The project can be adapted for classrooms or home schooling or simple family time.

Other Books

FIBBLESTAX by Devin Scillian was my first children’s book project. A story about words! How can a calligrapher/illustrator resist? It is published by Sleeping Bear Press.

THE MICHIGAN READER by Kathy-Jo Wargin is modeled after the old fashioned readers from the turn of the last century. It is a collection of poetry, stories, biographies, fun and pictures; all connected to the “mitten state”. It seems to be a favorite for “up north” reading.

THE AMERICAN READER was the second in the reader series, which eventually included books dedicated to 5 of our states. Find these books at your local book store or at Sleeping Bear Press