Calligraphy has always been a huge part of my art practice. I have been setting pen to paper for over 40 years. Watching a freshly inked letter – like magic – form under my pen still captivates me.

As I transition into some form of “retirement” where I prioritize my own creative pursuits, there are many kinds of projects I will no longer take on. Nevertheless, if you have something in mind, feel free to contact me and I can let you know if it is something I can do.

One Text: Two Visions

Here are two takes on the same text by Gertrude Stein. The first was done many years ago. The second revisited the poem about 25 years later. I might take either approach on something I do today. The more experimental concept lead to my work in animating calligraphy.

Traditional calligraphic approach to a poem by Gertrude Stein
Calligraphic art interpreting poetry by Gertrude Stein
Overlapping calligraphy inf washy black ink of word "write"
I like to make words dance on a page
Words work together in different ways
“Grow” gouache on handmade paper
“WE” a wedding piece


I begin every calligraphic logo design with pen on paper and convert it to vector art to edit and allow for flexibility of scale without degrading image quality. My illustrated logos, whether or not they include calligraphy, are created with the same creative and technical care. Take a look at a few near the bottom of my Illustration page.

Logo for foil-stamped candy boxes
Logo for home accessory store
An annual fine art sale
This was a spontaneous prototype logo using the initials of a designer of race cars. It was never developed but I love visual puns and this is still one of my favorite concepts.
Calligraphy of a single name, repeated and converted to vector art
Used as fretboard inlay on a custom banjo from Seeders Instruments

Font Design

Sweeney™ is my first type design. Sweeney has a simple uncial side and a set of alternate glyphs (Sweeney Linocut) that includes initial caps, some swashed characters and components for celtic borders. It is available from Monotype.

Fabric Design

Calligraphic pattern using the word "Joy"

Words that are repeated in a pattern take on new identity. I find this fascinating. You can find these and more of my fabric designs on my page at Spoonflower, an on-demand, digital printing company that prints custom fabric and wallpaper, .


I began teaching calligraphy around 1980 and have taught at colleges, community centers and camps. I am a great believer in hands-on classroom learning and strong foundational skills.

If you are interested in taking a class, contact me to be put on my list. (classes will most likely be in the Lansing, Michigan area but I occasionally teach workshops out of town).

If you are interested in offering a class or workshop through your organization, I can develop a learning experience that fits most circumstances; from a short introduction, to a one-day intensive workshop or classes that meet for several sessions.