Drawing with a pencil is about as basic as you can get. From rough sketchbook ideas to the precise rendering of form and light, I love the tactile feel of a sharp pencil skating on paper. For decades, most of my “fine art” has been created using an HB graphite pencil on Stonehenge white paper.

My drawings are of pretty common things: stones, found objects, growing plants, string…. But the real subject is usually a second imagined concept radiating from behind the object. I have always embraced metaphor and I adore visual puns.

Most of this artwork is framed and available for sale and there is more in my studio. Contact me for price, viewing and delivery details (sizes measure artwork – frame size may be larger).

RADIANT KALE · graphite on paper 14″x11″

When I want color these days, I use colored pencils. I am interested in letting the grain of wood behind my drawings lead my compositions.

Colored pencil drawing on wood of a bee tethered by a red string
TETHERED BEE · colored pencil 6″x6″
Colored pencil drawing on wood of a red pepper and blue string
SWING · Colored Pencil 6″x6″
FALLING · 6″x6″

Stones and more stones… I have had a decades-long love affair with drawing how light defines their forms and textures and how they rest against each other.

Pencil drawing of stones with woven grass around it
TWINED 1 · 5.5″ x 5.5″
Pencil drawing of stone with woven grass around it
TWINED 2 · 5.5″ x 5.5″
Pencil Drawing of scattered stones
DISPERSED · graphite on paper 11″x14″
BALANCE · graphite on paper 8″x8″
TOPPLED · graphite on paper 8″x8″

It is the quality of the light on surfaces that really gets me… that and the spaces between.

DAY LILIES · graphite and white on gray paper